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Our Love To Run Family

About Us

Hi our names are Nicki and Travis. We are a small kennel located about 90mins south of Adelaide.

Our aim in breeding is to have well adjusted border collies, that will make good family pets and also have some natural working instinct. We aim to breed dogs that will be well suited for dog sports and obedience. We would like all our puppies sold to participate in either obedience, agility, herding or some form of training/ dog sport.

We didn't need a lot of thought in our prefix "love To Run" to us it just fits the breed perfectly.

Travis and I have both grown up around border collies and kelpies. We were just drawn to the faithfulness and dedication those dogs put in to working for us and in to being our companions. When my fox terrier of ten years passed away I decided my next dog would be a working dog.

After much research on breeds and kennels we decided that we would love to have loyal border collies. We also agreed that we would love to have the option to breed these beautiful animals and that pedigree was the way to go. We wanted to be able to show a family history and clear health testing in our dogs.

Please have a look around our website to meet the team!

If you would like to contact us please visit the "contact" page

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