Love To Run Border Collies

Beautiful natured Border Collies


COLOUR:  Chocolate
TNS: Clear
CL: Clear 
CEA: Clear 
Long Hair gene: Positive
MDR1: Normal

Hips: 1:0
Elbows: 0:0
Colours carried: Chocolate only  

Meet Effie!

 Born and bred at the Love To Run Kennel. She's either going at 100kms an hour or is fast asleep on the couch. 
We are currently training with Effie in  herding and agility. She has a very keen interest in both disciplines and hope to be trialling in 2020 after her first litter!
She just  loves to run and love love loves to swim!! Anything active that's her!

She overall is a pretty sooky house dog and must sit on your lap on the couch for cuddles every night. Not much fazes this girl she has a keen attitude to try anything. She is certainly not lazy and would always prefer to be on the go.  She is great with the chickens, cats and our pet parrots and has a very strong herding instinct for livestock. 

For more photos of Effie please visit the photo gallery