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Q: How much are the puppies?

A: Puppies are $3000 including a $500 deposit to secure your puppy. Prices are subject to change with each litters circumstances depending on stud fees litter costs etc. Each litter price will be given as the litter arrives. We do NOT charge extra/less for different sexes or colours they all cost the same to raise!!

Q: Is there a waiting list?

A: Yes, we do have a waiting list of sorts. We take details of people interested in a puppy and get them to fill out a questionnaire form. From these questionnaires we will decide if we think it will be a suitable home for one of our puppies.

Once puppies are born people on the approved waiting list will be contacted before anyone else in regards to getting a puppy to see if they are still interested or if they have found something else/changed their minds etc.

PLEASE REMEMBER- It is not always first in best dressed, we take re homing our puppies very seriously. They will go to the best of homes only!

Q: If i get approved on to the waiting list do i get guaranteed a puppy.

A: Unfortunately no. This is because we wont know how many puppies we will end up with, what puppy we may keep ourselves, what sexes there are and most importantly if there will be something 100% suitable for you until we finish temperament testing. I do only take a reasonable number of people on to my list and communicate with everyone on there the entire time about likelihood of getting a puppy. (eg i will not take down 15 names for one litter)

Q: Do i get to choose my puppy?

A: We do not sell our puppies based on colour or markings. We sell on what we think will match what you are looking for in structure and temperament. We will work very closely with what you are looking for but ultimately we will not sell you a puppy we don't think will suit you. We usually choose homes for puppies at 7-8 weeks old. By working closely with you and getting an idea on what you are after so we are confident our choice will match your requirements. So for example, you pointing and choosing a puppy you think is cute and saying "i want that one" or trying to secure one when they are 3 weeks old and knowing nothing about their personality, then no - you don't get to choose a puppy in that way.

Q: What if i don't like the puppy chosen for me?

A: We would never sell you a dog you didn't want or weren't happy with. If you decided our choice was not for you then you will be refunded your deposit. It will be your choice if you would like to wait for another litter or look else wear.

Q: How old do they have to be before coming home?

A: Your puppy will be at least 9 weeks before coming to you. This is because they need to wait for 2 weeks after their vaccinations before they can go out in public. Also because the first 8 weeks in a puppies life sets them up for life there is so much to learn at home with mum.

After starting puppy culture protocols by Jane Killion we have become aware that at 8 weeks of age the puppies are now in a very sensitive fear period. It is best to keep them somewhere familiar in this sensitive time. This is why we have decided to keep them until at least 9 weeks of age before re homing. We are sure you will support and understand this. Also if your pup is going to fly to you we need to make sure they will not get dehydrated on the flight.

Q: Can we take our puppy home early? Even if its just a day or two?

A: Puppies can not leave our care until the day they turn 8 weeks old not a day before. This is following the rules set out by the SA canine association it is also in the best interest of the animal. So please don't ask. If the pick up date doesn't suit we are more than happy to arrange an alternative day after this age. Although the rules state 8 weeks we, due to puppy culture, believe its in the best interest of the animal to stay until they are 9 weeks old and we believe any good owner will support this.

Q: What does our new puppy come with?

A: We do our best to make sure you get enough gear to make setting up your new family member a bit smoother. They will come with a minimum of a collar, lead, harness, treats, bowl, blanket, brush, toys, first vaccinations and microchip. They will also come with enough changeover food in case you wish to change their diets. Their information folder will also have copies of all the parents DNA and health testing results.

Q: What steps do you take to start puppy socialising and desensitising?

A: We try to safely introduce your puppy to as many different things as we can while they are with us. They regularly listen to a sound CD with things such as car and traffic noises, planes taking off, other dogs barking, skate boards, thunder storms, fireworks, children playing and crying, live stock sounds etc.

We introduce them to many different surfaces to walk on and touch ie carpet, lino, tiles, grass, dirt, concrete, bubble wrap etc

We dress up in funny different outfits ie big hats and umbrellas etc from 4 weeks they will start to have car rides and day outings too. They also get introduced to different breeds of dogs (vaccinated) and live with three cats. They see chickens on a daily basis and will meet some live stock before leaving too.

We follow very closely Jane Killion's puppy culture where they receive ENS (early neurological stimulation), introduction to the clicker, they will learn how to mand (politely ask) for things, they will learn to offer (shape) behaviours, we start crate training, they also get exposed to loud noises at the CORRECT time in their development to get a great startle response and recovery.

Have a look at the link to find out more!

Q: Can our puppy fly interstate to live with us?

A: Yes, depending on the distance they will need to travel. Further distances may mean they stay with us here a little longer, until they can make it the whole flight with out getting dehydrated. Also transport will be at the cost of the new owner.

Q: Can we come and meet your dogs before deciding to get a puppy?

A: Of course! We wouldn't expect you to pick a puppy without meeting the parents. We also like to meet possible puppy owners to ensure the perfect match. Provided its made by appointment that will suit both parties. At times where we use an outside stud if a meeting cant be arranged we will be sure to provide as much information as possible and answer any questions you might have.

Q: What does limited register mean?

A: This means that you can't breed from or show your dog. They are no less healthy than ones on main register but can not be bred from or shown and must be de-sexed.

Q: Can i get one on main register?

A: This depends on the specific situation, if you already have a prefix we can discuss main register dogs.

Q: Do you sell short haired dogs?

A: No we don't unfortunately. Our puppies have long coats.

Q: Do you sell adult/ retired dogs?

A: No we don't. our "breeding stock" are very much loved members of the family we never re-home retired breeding dogs. They live with us here in the house until they pass from old age being spoilt rotten. We understand that not every one wants a puppy and we are happy to help point you in a direction to find an older dog. We also understand that moving forward not all breeders are in the position to keep ex-breeding dogs but we personally just cant part with our dogs who have given us so much in their lives!

Q: What is hip scoring?

A: To hip score your dog basically measures the degree of dysplasia in the hip joints. Scores are given for each side and added together to make the total score. The lower the score the better the result.

Q: What medical conditions do i need to worry about with border collies ?

We test our dogs for a large number of diseases. Please head to the "Health Testing" page to see what diseases are tested for. Please see each dogs individual profile for their test results.

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