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Wilderblu Hey Jude


DOB: 22/10/14

Colour: Chocolate

Hips: 2:0

Elbows 0:0



We are lucky enough to be able to use Jude (Wilderblu Hey Jude) for our next mating.

On our first meeting with Jude he appeared to be a happy fun loving lad. He bounded right up for a cuddle as soon as he saw us arrive. When we went to meet him we had 5 dogs in tow he showed no aggression to any of them. He even got growled at from the car by one of the dogs we were looking after and simply look up in curiosity and wagged his tail at the dogs staring down at him. He didn’t bark or jump at the car either.

Not once did he appear apprehensive or shy away from us he looked very happy and confident to have new people and dogs around and loved the extra cuddles! He was in an area with four 7 week old puppies and was very tolerant of them.

While we visited Jude approached another dog eating a rib bone who kindly told him she wasn’t sharing to which he just accepted that and trotted off. The entire time we were there he showed no bad behaviours or scent marking etc, he happily lives with other entire males in harmony.

Jude appears to have a good eye for stock and is always herding his other dog family, he also seems to have good balance of forward drive which we think will make a good steady performance dog.

He also has an excellent off switch he is more than happy to chill out until he is needed. Jude is nicely food motivated and was very attentive to his owner Amy when she asked commands of him.

He shows no aggression or prey drive towards the chickens and goats at his house he is more than happy to just run through them.


Jude also participates in conformation showing he has won two baby of breed and one puppy of breed. He has had a few wins in his class and also a reserve dog challenge at the age of 2. He is more than happy to bound around the ring with other entire males he seems to be oblivious to their presence.

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